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Does it cost to access and use platform data? What are the license methods and restrictions?

For easy data sharing by the public, integrate social creativity, enhance government data quality and value, license method and scope according to the article of GODP "Government open data platform use directive": data publicized on the government open data platform by government agencies according to the operating guidelines are free of charge and non-exclusive licensed (trademark and patent rights exclusive) to users to develop products or services (value added goods or VAG) for the public without any restriction as to time, place, reproduction, revision, edit, public transmission or other application mechanism. There is no need to be licensed by an individual data provision authority's written or other licenses.

Government data listed on this platform shall be maintained and managed by its owner authority. VAGs publicized or presented by users shall bear clear citations indicating source of data and their incumbent agent.

In case the incumbent agent of the data set has given other use directives or payment standards, the user shall act as required.