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Datagov Opendata Platform

Government open data platform privacy protection, use and information security policy

Last revision: 2015.07.27

Addressing the Executive Yuan's government data active application, the Ministry of Digital Affairs(MODA) is providing this government open data platform (GODP) as the one-stop window for the public to access government data opened to the people. To help you learn about MODA's collecting, using and protecting your personal data based on our respect and protection of your privacy, please read this privacy protection and information security statement carefully.


This policy is effective with respect to personal data collected, processed and used when browsing this platform but not any other government or non-government web sites linked or interfaced with the GODP data set. You are subject to privacy protection and information security policy of individual web sites linked or interfaced with this platform. GODP shall not be liable for any joint liability.

Personal data collection, processing and use

  • This platform shall keep the data generated by its server when you are browsing, querying or downloading from it including the IP address and time of your connection, browsing and subscription records. These data shall be used by the management unit of GODP for data flow and surfing behavior study and macro analysis for service quality improvements. In case your personal data are provided for public interest based statistics or academic study, they shall be processed in advance to disable the exposure from revealing a specific person's ID.

  • When giving us your feedback or querying about operational issues by email or our service mail box, we shall keep your communication records only for contacts with you.

  • GODP shall not sell, exchange, or lease your personal data to other groups, individuals or private enterprises. We shall use your personal data aligned only with specific goals for their collection except in the following cases:

    1. explicitly required by laws.
    2. to maintain national security or improve public interests.
    3. to protect you from threats to life, body, freedom or property.
    4. to prevent major damage or for the benefit of others.
    5. to provide to government agencies or academic research institutes for public interest based statistics or studies after the data have been processed to disable identifying a specific person or the data are revealed in ways impossible to identify a specific person.
    6. beneficial to the client.
    7. agreed to in writing by the client.


A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to your computer to allow it to remember user preferences while you are connected.

This platform will have cookies written in and read from you browser. You may set up your browser to disable its execution without hampering the using services of GODP. The said cookies are targeted at browsers connected to log pages browsed, count users connected and analyzed browsing patterns to improve service of this platform without identifying a specific party. In case they are provided for public interest based statistics or academic study, they shall be processed in advance to disable the exposure from revealing a specific person's ID.

How to use this platform

Users of this platform shall abide with the download instructions and connection among other access methods set forth in the "platform pre-cautions" to ensure its information system reliability and other users' fair rights of use. Management authority of GODP shall publicize interruption of data provision due to network failure or equipment failure, inspection, maintenance, power outage or force majeure beforehand or afterwards. Management authority of GODP and other authorities shall not be held liable for losses or damage suffered by users because of this.

Information security management

GODP provides the following protection measures to maintain its information security and ensure its continuous services for you:

  • Employ network invasion detection mechanism and monitor network traffic to block unauthorized uploads or change to web age information or intended saboteurs.
  • Employ a firewall to protect against illegal invasion, damage, theft or harmful data to prevent GODP from illegal use and ensure your interests.
  • Employ anti-virus software for regular scanning to provide you with a safer browsing environment.
  • Simulate hacker attacks and run drill program for system recovery after disasters from time to time to provide a valid security protection mechanism.
  • Run regular system back-up to duplicate all data on the backup host.

Self-data security protection measures

Please take good care of your personal data. DO NOT share them with any third party to protect your interests. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public one, do log out your account and close the browser window. Note: Revealing your personal data on the Internet (e.g. forum, bulletin board, chatroom) may get exploited by others and you may end up with receiving lots of emails sent by others.

Revision to privacy protection and information security policy

In case of any revision to privacy protection and information security policy it shall be publicized on this platform. Please keep close watch over these revision notices.

In case you have any comments or objections to the revision, please contact us at the following service email address ([email protected]). In case you continue using our services and raise no concerns you are deemed that you have read, learnt about and agreed to accept the revision.

Suggestions to privacy protection and information security policy revision

In case you have any doubts over privacy protection and information security policy of this platform, please raise it to use at [email protected].