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What is the difference between government open data for application and freedom of government information from each other?

Aimed  at an easier sharing and fair use of government information by the general public, the government promulgated "The Freedom of Government Information Law" in 2005 and at protecting people's right to know, enhance the people's understanding of public affairs, improving trust and participation in democracy, the law asks the government to disclose government information on administrative measures and acts and other relevant government information progressively and regularly based on an open administration and transparency. The information disclosure methods may be in the form of revealing in a government bulletin or other publications, providing online inquiries, holding press conferences or briefings, providing public reading, photocopying and transcribing among other valid mechanisms.

Thanks to fast advancements in information and communication technology, more and more nations are advocating not only information freedom but also open data. The latter converts raw data into dataset and provides an open format to enable private business to develop products or services, by way of edit, analysis, public transmission or other means, and meets the public’s "right" of "use".