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What is government open data? Why should we promote it? What's the benefit?

"Government open data" require individual agencies to release electronic data, including text, photo, image, sound and metadata, acquired or created in its own authority which can be opened by law to the Internet in an open format for users, including individuals, schools, communities, businesses or government agencies to download and use as required.

To engage in the public policy process, monitor government administration, and execute economic works the people requires huge amount of valid data and most of the latter are possessed by the government. Open government data to the public for free access is getting global popularity. The aim is to meet the people's data use requirements, ramp up cross agent data flow, improve administrative performance, improve the people's living quality, and strengthen the people in monitoring government administration.

Government open data may combine the private sector's limitless creativity, activate government data applications, improve government data quality and value, innovate government service, grow information industry growth by licensing government data for business application. The ultimate goal is to improve government administrative transparency and openness, improve government agencies' decision making quality, develop diversified convenience service, help the information industry upgrade, and create a triple win for the population, government and industry.