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Open Data Helps Environment - Water Refill Map

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Open Data Helps Environment - Water Refill Map

(Source: Environmental Protection Administration Facebook)


According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, Taiwan uses 4.5 billion PET bottles a year, of which 1 billion are bottled water. If placed together, the length of the bottled water bottles is more than five and a half circles of the earth. Although the recycling rate of PET bottles in Taiwan is 95%, it still causes serious pollution of the marine environment. In order to protect the environment and reduce the number of PET bottles, many people will bring environmental protection cups and vacuum flasks with them to save money and health, but where can we find free drinking fountains?


Now, you can quickly find nearby water refill stations through the drinking map "Water Refill Map" app by picking up your mobile phone, saving the cost of buying water or beverages from supermarkets. At the same time, you can also record the amount of water you drink, check in and solve tasks and earn gold coins. Gold coins can be exchanged for more coupons, which means you can find water and solve tasks to earn discounts at the same time.

Huang Weicheng, the CEO of CircuPlus, participated in the beach cleanup activity in the past and found a lot of PET bottle trash. He developed a food map with his team, continued the spirit of plastic-reducing style of drinking water, and combined the strength of the public and private sectors to create a drinking water map "Water Refill Map". In addition to receiving information on past water refill points, major companies such as Carrefour and FETnet are also invited to join in. At the same time, it also integrates with public facilities including Coast Guard Admininstration, hospitals, libraries, activity centers, schools, etc. The cumulative App is designed with open data, and users can add water refill stations by themselves, commenting and explaining each water refill station.

This plastic reduction action plan was appreciated by Taiwan’s Digital Minister, Audrey Tang. Audrey Tang pointed out on Facebook that the "CircuPlus Fengcha Action: The Coolest Way to Drink Water" team combined Taiwan’s “Fengcha (tea service)” culture and mass participation, proposing an impressive plastic reduction action plan in the Presidential Hackathon this year.

"Water Redill Map" has been downloaded by more than 20,000 people, has more than 6,000 water refill stations, and was selected as the outstanding team of the year in this year’s Presidential Hackathon.