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The application of governments open data creates a better sharing society and contributes the build of mask inventory map.

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Mask Supply and Demand Information

                                                                                     (Source:Mask Supply and Demand Information Platform)


The Health Insurance Administration continually announces various ways to purchase mask, such like purchasing from online-store and convenient store, and  also adds a new function which is called “mask purchasing track” in the app “全民健保行動快易通 | 健康存摺”. The various enhancing policy makes the commonsense of epidemic prevention in Taiwanese people stay more firmly.


The Executive Yuan Su Tseng-chang attended open data award ceremony and expressed that the epidemic prevention in Taiwan has been implemented this brilliant is because of the value of democracy. The efficient of government in this modern era is evaluated by the trust and the communication between government and whole society. Governments provides more, and people give feedbacks more. That makes every part in the country all together, also creates an even beautiful future. 


The councilor of The Executive Yuan, Audrey Tang, has been keeping in touch with few open data social media and the Health Insurance Administration, to make the open data set “健保特約機構口罩剩餘數量明細清單” ,“健保特約醫事機構-藥局/診所”and “全民健康保險特約院所固定服務時段”combined together and provide it to nongovernmental community and organization for further integration with the map, APP, Line ,voice assistant and so on. Besides, Audrey Tang released these services on the Mask Supply and Demand Information Platform for more options to different group of people, also separated the loading of searching in case of overload on government server. There is a name people gave to this whole epidemic prevention project, called “Taiwan Model”.


The reason that the Health Insurance Administration could handle this virus situation well, was brough by the implement of “健保醫療資訊雲端查詢系統” and “健保快易通│健康存摺App」免讀卡機註冊功能”. It makes the mask purchasing and the name list of purchasing history tracking become easier and faster. Having those technical methods to deal with the threats cause of virus, Taiwan gave a good grade on the pre-caution and stopped virus spread out. and became a model that other countries follow up. Nowadays, Taiwan has already won the recognition from the mostly international world.