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Legislative Yuan release “Open Parliament”

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    To make Parliament information more open and transparent, making it easier for the people to participate in the affairs of the Parliament Assembly and supervise the Parliament, Legislative Yuan release Open Government Partnership (OGP) and Open Parliament.

      Since the resolution passed by the Parliament on May 19, 2020, "The Legislative Yuan and the people work together to promote the open parliament action plan" immediately launched. From June 2020 to November 10, 2020, the action plan was written in the "official + private" peer-to-peer cooperation model, and at least 21 various physical and online meetings were held, after 2 rounds of writing and 2 public viewing Later, 5 major themes and 20 open parliamentary pledges were proposed. Declaring Taiwanese willingness to abide by international standards and announcing the Chinese and English version of the action plan is a joint initiative between the government and the private sector. There is a dedicated webpage that fully presents the work history and various achievements, and is a stepping stone to further expand the diplomacy of the Parliament. It is hoped that through the implementation of the plan, the Parliament with more complete functions, more open organizational culture, and more convenient for people to participate will be left to Taiwan, so that the Parliament will have more power to promote more reforms.



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