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The 2021 Presidents Cup Hackathon is officially launched. Hackers are invited to claim the wishes of citizens and work together for sustainable development.

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"2021 Presidents Cup Hackathon" collection is open from May 14th to July 16th, calling on government departments, private experts, and global hackers to claim the wishes of citizens, use resilience thinking after the epidemic, and make good use of Taiwan's digital advantages to propose solutions, and the government will implement them, and work together for sustainable development!

Feeling the outbreak of the new crown epidemic has made countries realize that ensuring the country's "resilience" in response to various economic, social, and environmentally-derived systemic risks is more important than the "efficiency" that everyone has demanded in the past. Therefore , this year's domestic levy documents have been incorporated into the new thinking of resilience after the epidemic. "Sustainability 2.0・Resilience Island" as the theme, From the perspective of National Development Council, focusing on "human capital", "circular economy ", "accelerated decarbonization of energy transition", "sustainable ecological conservation of food and agriculture", "smart and resilient urban and rural areas", "digital transformation", "cross-domain" Integration" 7 major areas and 18 topics,Invite Hackers to actively submit proposals, Through public-private collaboration and making good use of Taiwan's digital advantages, we will work together to build Taiwan into a resilient island.


The Citizen Wishing Pool will also continue to be open for people to make wishes until May 21. As of May 12, out of 80 citizen wishes, "SDG 3: Ensure and promote healthy life and well-being for all ages" It is a topic of most concern to the public, and it truly reflects Taiwan's expectations for various measures to promote health and people's well-being as the new crown epidemic is heating up. When the global epidemic spread last (2020), the government and the private sector quickly formed a national epidemic prevention team to open up data production "mask map", Effectively preventing the expansion of the domestic epidemic, its performance has been recognized internationally. It is the best example of "establishing a government-private cooperation mechanism, actively opening up government information, and developing value-added applications." The spirit of solution.


International Pine’s theme this year is "Sustainability 2.0 – Climate Action", Regarding disaster early warning, post-disaster recovery and adjustment, carbon footprint survey, or implementation of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we hope to call on hackers to use data extraction methods to take action to mitigate climate change.Also hope to continue to promote the participation of Taiwanese hackers in cross-border public affairs, so that President's Cup Hackathon will become a platform for Chinese and international hackers to exchange ideas and improve public welfare.




For more information about the relevant competition rules and schedule of Hackathon, please pay close attention to the Hacker website:





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