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Taiwan faces extreme climate challenges,Audrey Tang calls for the joint construction of a data economy ecosystem

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The Ministry of Science and Technology held an online "Open Data Collection Platform User Seminar" on July 21, including Audrey Tang, Minister of State Affairs of the Ministry of Science and Technology Lin Mincong and participating in online speeches, and sharing from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transport, the Environmental Protection Agency and industry representatives Application aspects and results of relevant data sets for disaster prevention and relief, earthquake, air quality, water quality, aviation and sanitation.


Audrey Tang's online speech stated that the government information open platform is an important digital public construction, and the private community is also actively participating. Taiwan encountered a severe drought and flooding in 2021. Faced with the pressure of climate change, it is hoped that through environmental analysis, open data, scientific methods can be used to predict possible disasters and respond early. In addition to government forces, public and private efforts are also needed. Hope to jointly build a data economy ecosystem.


Lin Mincong said that the Executive Yuan will launch the 4-year "Taiwan Open Government National Action Plan" in January 2021, and the Ministry of Science and Technology will hold annual user seminars on the data collection platform in the next four years. At present, the National High-speed Network and Computing Center (State Grid Center) platform of the National Research Institute has more than 26,000 data sets. All people from all walks of life can obtain data through the platform for analysis and application on topics of interest.



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